motorcycle case

The Case

During hurricane Irma in 2017, a tree fell on our client’s home causing injuries. After an investigation, it was discovered that the tree was dead prior to the hurricane and several requests were made for it to be removed from a neighboring yard.


Our team was able to secure a $220,000 settlement for our client to help them recover.

The photo below memorializes one of the most crazy cases we have been able to settle. We got the video because our client and his friends were out one day hoping to videotape each other having a good time riding their motorcycles and doing tricks, like wheelies, and other things. So as our client was rolling by, he took a video.

The aftermath of the accident was that our client went to the hospital with a broken leg that required surgical repair. He had no health insurance and big, outstanding medical bills. He was also credited with causing the accident and charged with reckless driving by the officer who arrived at the accident and conducted the investigation. As part of our “from ticket to trial” philosophy, we handled the client’s traffic citations as part of his personal injury case and were able to successfully have those charges dismissed.

One other lawyer turned down the case cold and another closed the file once he got a letter from the insurance company denying the claim. When we looked at the video, in our FREE INITAL CONSULTATION, we did so on a frame by frame basis. When we did we came across the frame below and we thought we might be successful with the case.

See, the single frame capture clearly shows a yellow light several moments after the accident with dust and debris still flying around. It was pretty clear that our client still had the right of way at the time of the accident and he didn’t cause the collision.

Shortly after we sent the video and screen capture along with a revised demand letter, we were able to force a settlement for enough money to satisfy the outstanding medical billings, the client’s lost wages and money for his pain and suffering. In this case a photo was worth not only a thousand words, but instead also worth many thousands and thousands of dollars.