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    The Hurt Boss

    About Our Firm

    The Hurt Boss helps victims who have been wrongfully injured due to someone else’s negligence. Our attorneys have been representing Atlanta victims for over 20 years. So even if this is the first time you’ve considered calling a personal injury attorney, you can trust that you’ve found the right team to take on your case.

    You could be suffering from pain and discomfort, and could be facing expensive medical bills on top of lost wages. Our experienced attorneys know your case is important and want to represent you. Don’t fight this battle alone, call us at (770)878-2552 for a free consultation.

    Involved in a Car, Motorcycle, or Truck Accident in Atlanta?

    We Can Get You The Compensation You Deserve

    • Let us work on your behalf while you focus on healing
    • We will guide you through your claim and keep you informed every step of the way
    • Our attorneys will work with you one-on-one to evaluate your case
    • We can secure medical care, find important documents, and build a case that wins
    The Hurt Boss Team - Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers
    Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta

    Why Call The Hurt Boss?

    Pay Nothing Until We Win

    We don’t charge up front and there’s no charge if we can’t settle your claim—no risk involved.

    Honest & Transparent

    Our Atlanta attorneys can assist you in an accurate and honest evaluation of your case.

    Treating You Like Family

    Our lawyers will fight for you with the same determination and courage we would for our own families.

    The Hurt Boss

    Areas of Practice

    Personal Injury

    We can build a claim that gets compensation for your pain and suffering, lost wages, emotional trauma, and other damages.

    Automobile Accidents

    If you were injured by a negligent driver, you deserve compensation for what you’ve endured.

    Truck Accidents

    The experienced attorneys at The Hurt Boss have handled many cases involving trucks and commercial vehicles.

    Motorcycle Accidents

    Our Atlanta Motorcycle accident Injury attorneys work hard to recover compensation for victims.

    Golf Cart Accidents

    We represent people who are injured on golf carts, as well as pedestrians and vehicles injured or damaged by golf carts.

    Wrongful Death

    Although nothing can bring back your loved one, we can still hold the responsible party accountable.

    The Hurt Boss

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We’ve put together a team of dedicated attorneys who will work on your behalf to get the most out of your settlement. We can secure quality medical treatment, help find important documents, and create an effective legal strategy that wins. With The Hurt Boss on your side, know that we’ll find the facts and keep you updated on your case every step of the way.

    Our first priority is making sure your health is taken care of. That’s why we’ve created a network of quality medical professionals that we can refer you to for treatment. You don’t have to do this alone—call the experts at (770)-878-2552 for a free consultation.

    Timing is important when it comes to a personal injury case. The time to legally file a claim varies. That’s why it’s important to call a lawyer as soon as possible. Generally, you have two years to file a claim in Georgia. 

    Once you call us, we will immediately start building your case to get you the help you need.

    Hiring a personal injury attorney won’t cost you anything up front. We take a percentage of your settlement. That means there’s no charge up front and there’s no charge if we can’t settle your claim—no risk involved.

    We will work hard to get you the maximum financial settlement possible. But your health will always be our top priority.

    We’ve been in business for over 20 years. We know what it takes to win—because we’ve done it. Our relationships with quality medical professionals means we can get you the help you need from start to finish.

    We have the skill and success of a large firm while still treating every client like family. We tailor every strategy individually and we won’t treat you like just another case. This attention to detail for our clients combined with our experience and reputation allows us to get maximum value out of your settlement.


    What Our Clients Say

    Another attorney referred us to handle an insurance claim for an auto accident for which my late father was involved.Without any legal background, my siblings and I were clueless as how to develop a framework for damages. From the get-go, Jeremy made sure I had a clear understanding of what to expect during this process. This may sound hard to believe, but I can’t think of one instance where I had to call his office with a question or concern. Jeremy is certainly very hands-on and accessible to his clients. He has also hired a stellar legal support team. I can’t say enough good things about Jeremy and his team. They know how to secure you funds you didn’t know were available. And...they do all the grunt work!

    • Jennifer Annison
    • Client

    Mr. Citron was referred to us by a medical professional. He represented my son to the prosecuting attorney and together they negotiated a fair sentence which was approved by the judge. The final sentence was exactly as he expected and we were very pleased with our final outcome. He put our son at ease and we felt confident with his representation. We would absolutely recommend his services.

    • Mary
    • Client

    I would recommend Jeremy and his staff to anybody involved in an accident. They were responsive and helpful, always there to answer any questions or concerns. I was satisfied with the service and will be using them anytime I need representation in the future.

    • Mimi Morrison
    • Client

    Jeremy knew he would be able to help during the process. He was very detailed from the beginning. He was working through each and every piece of information, and he went from one end of the world to the other. He is super efficient! He is sharp! When we went to mediation even my mother commented on how “sharp” Jeremy was. He never missed a beat, he never stuttered, he never blinked, he was “on it”. I appreciate his ability to go through everything with a fine-tooth comb. He is a fighter. When my case was over, I was not disappointed. It took over 6 years and he took care of me and my children the entire time.

    • Erika Williams
    • Client

    (They) did a wonderful job helping my 12 year old getting what was owed to him after a 3 year old accident.

    • Q. Shay
    • Client

    I would use Jeremy and his staff anytime I need representation. I was in an accident with a friend and my baby and they took great care of us. They respond in a timely manner, always answered any questions or concerns and handled my case in a very professional manner.

    • Jameela
    • Client

    Jeremy was very professional. He always kept in touch and answered all my questions. He always followed through 110%. I would use Jeremy again, if needed. Jeremy went above and beyond in every respect.

    • Robert Holman
    • Client
    Jennifer Annison
    Mimi Morrison
    Erika Williams
    Q. Shay
    Robert Holman