The Case

During hurricane Irma in 2017, a tree fell on our client’s home causing injuries. After an investigation, it was discovered that the tree was dead prior to the hurricane and several requests were made for it to be removed from a neighboring yard.


Our team was able to secure a $220,000 settlement for our client to help them recover.

In a case that was recently covered by one of the local newspapers, our lawyers were instrumental in tracking down a witness to an accident caused when a truck backed into our client’s lane of travel. Without a witness able to corroborate our client’s version of events his claims would never be honored by any insurance carriers and there was plenty of insurance money available to cover his claims.

Our client was traveling to work one day and as he was doing so a truck loaded down with material was backing up into the streets in an effort to make a U-turn across the roadway. In doing so the driver of the truck couldn’t see our client approaching because our client was approaching through a blind spot or “no zone.” As the truck continued to back up the client took evasive maneuvers on his motorcycle trying to move one way around the truck and when he was foreclosed from doing so, he attempted to go the other way as well. Neither option worked and as the maneuvers failed to protect him he was forced to lay down his motorcycle and was seriously injured in the crash. The truck drove off and all the client could remember, for quite some time, was that he recalled a red vehicle behind him while he was coming down the street and a nurse who was able to help him at the accident site.

Our attorneys were the second group of lawyers on the case and the first to walk the accident scene and roadway. Immediately we realized that if you were traveling this roadway you had a reason to be there and that 80% of the traveling public on the road was likely to be locals. We thought a sign on the road looking for the missing witness might do the trick — AND IT DID. We were able to settle the case for $275k and you can read about it in the article published by the Fulton County Daily Report here:

card board sign case