What To Do After You’ve Been Injured

1) Most Importantly, Care For Any Injuries You Sustained:

If you require a trip to the hospital, seek help immediately. Keep in mind, our attorneys will meet with you at your convenience—seven days a week, even during evening hours and on weekends. Your health and safety should be your first priority.

2) Call The Hurt Boss:

For expert legal representation, call The Hurt Boss at 678-806-7715 as soon as possible. When you contact us, we will immediately start making a strong case on your behalf. The sooner we get started, the more likely we are to achieve a successful resolution and get you the compensation you need to recover.

3) Collect Information:


  • Identifying information for all vehicles involved, including license plate numbers, any corporate identification, and other markings
  • Personal information for any independent witnesses to the accident, including their full name, phone number, address, email address, license plate number, and a photograph
  • Name, badge number, phone number, and precinct address of the investigating police officer. (Determine if they are part of a specialized reconstruction team, as this could be very important information for your attorney.)
  • Find out when, where, and how you can obtain a copy of your accident report
  • Save a record of all hospital visits, as well as names of treating doctors and physicians, including their addresses and phone numbers
  • Keep and make copies of medical bills and documents provided to you
  • Hold on to every document, photograph, and piece of evidence that you have obtained during this process until the completion of your case


  • The accident scene
  • Damage to the vehicle(s)
  • People involved in the accident, independent witnesses to the accident, and/or anyone receiving treatment
  • Close-ups of the damage to the vehicle(s), including various angles and viewpoints
  • Any identifying information or markings on vehicle(s)
  • The inside of the vehicle(s), including evidence of airbag deployment or other safety instruments, operating instruments like the gear shift, and even trash on the floor board
  • The scene of the accident. If the police mark the accident scene, take pictures of them marking the scene and of the markings themselves
  • Use the recording feature(s) of your phone to record any conversations about the accident, including admissions of fault, how the accident was caused, or any injuries that may have been sustained
  • Take pictures of any injured individual(s) in the various stages of care, treatment, recovery, and recuperation. (Nothing more accurately represents the true extent of the damage an individual has suffered resulting from an accident.)

4) Don’t Act Without Consultation:

  • Do not under any circumstance accept any settlement for your property, vehicle, or personal injuries
  • Do not have any contact or communication with any of the individuals involved in the accident—including independent witnesses. Let your accident attorneys at The Hurt Boss maintain these conversations on your behalf
  • Don’t wait too long before getting legal representation. (Don’t forfeit your right to a claim against a negligent individual, manufacturing company, or insurance company because the statute of limitations has passed).
  • Do not sign anything until one of our experienced attorneys reviews the document. You could inadvertently waive your right to fair compensation
  • Contact The Hurt Boss at 678-806-7715 as soon as possible.