Tucker Truck Accident Attorney: Common Causes

Tucker Truck Accident Attorney: Common Causes Georgia

Our Tucker truck accident attorneys have seen all sorts of cases over the years. Sometimes, our clients were involved in an accident with a box truck. Other times the defendant was driving a tractor trailer at the time of the crash. Regardless of the type of truck that hit you, there is a good chance you suffered significant injuries. Many of the clients our trucking accident lawyers in Georgia represent suffered life threatening injuries. Some suffered neck and back injuries. Others experienced traumatic brain injuries.

The one common thing about these accidents is that the person driving the passenger vehicle typically suffers the brunt of the injuries. This is why our Tucker truck accident attorneys work so hard to get our clients damages. Here, we will discuss the most common causes of truck accidents. Of course, for the purposes of this article, we’re presuming that it was the truck driver’s fault that the crash occurred. There are times, of course, when both parties were equally liable for the crash. If you were recently involved in a truck accident yourself and have questions about your potential case, contact our office directly.

We do offer new clients a free consultation to give them a chance to sit down with a seasoned attorney and discuss their case.

Truckers Often Log Too Many Hours in a Day and are Overtired

There are federal regulations that dictate how many hours a truck driver can be on the road in any given day. For the most part, these regulations require truck drivers to take at least a 1/2-hour break in any given 11-hour shift. Truck drivers are also required to carry logs with them at all times that record any maintenance done on their vehicle. Just because these regulations exist, however, that does not mean that all truck drivers follow them.

One of the more common causes we have seen for truck accidents are truck drivers who log too many hours in a given day. Perhaps they needed the overtime money or wanted to get their haul to the other coast by their deadline. Regardless of the reason, if your Tucker truck accident attorney can prove that the commercial driver violated one of the federal regulations, it will go a long way toward proving your case.

The Truck Driver May Be Carrying a Load that is Too Big

If you have ever seen a tractor trailer driving along on the highway, you may be familiar with the sign that says “wide load.” These signs are there to indicate that the tractor trailer’s carrying a load that is significantly larger than it normally is. One of the problems is that inexperienced drivers do not know how to handle this size of a haul. Some of them drive too fast without realizing that the truck can tip over. Others don’t realize that they cannot go under a bridge that is lower than a certain number of feet. Their inexperience, coupled with the difficulties with driving a load that large, can easily lead to a truck accident.

Tractor Trailer Drivers Get Distracted Just Like Other Motorists

Some people, including attorneys, forget that truck drivers are only human. Just because they drive for a living does not mean they don’t make mistakes. In fact, given the number of hours they are on the road, it’s surprising that they aren’t involved in more accidents. Unfortunately, when truck drivers make mistakes terrible things happen. There is no such thing as a minor truck accident. In most every truck accident case that our trucking accident lawyers in Georgia handle, our clients suffer life threatening injuries. These accidents are a lot different than regular motor vehicle accidents. The only person that walks away from a trucking accident is usually the truck driver themselves. People in the passenger vehicle typically do not walk away on their own.

Some Cases Our Tucker Truck Accident Attorneys Handle Involve Speeding

One other thing about truck drivers, which you should not find surprising, is that the speed. Some truck drivers are paid by the mile which means the faster they go, the more money they make. Other drivers are paid for their full shift regardless of how long it takes for them to carry their load to their destination. If they manage to get the load 2 their client faster than expected, they will earn themselves several hours’ time off. The problem is that when truck drivers speed, they’re putting the lives of other people at risk. If you happen to be a victim of their negligence, you should call and talk to one of our trucking accident lawyers in Georgia right away.

Our Tucker Truck Accident Attorneys Will Fight to Get You the Compensation You Deserve

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, there’s a good chance you suffered serious injuries. The last thing you’ll want to do is fight with the insurance adjuster about your claim. Depending on the type of accident you’re involved in, you may be entitled to significant damages. It all depends on two things. First, your Tucker truck accident attorney must be able to prove that the truck driver was at fault. Second, your trucking accident lawyer in Georgia must prove that you were injured. If they can prove these two things, there’s a good chance you’ll recover the damages you deserve.

The only way to know for sure whether you have a valid claim is to sit down with one of our Tucker truck accident attorneys so they can review your case. Once they’ve had a chance to review your case in full, you’ll have a much better idea of what your case is worth. If they believe your case is value, they will more than likely be willing to represent you. If, however, they feel that your claim is not strong enough, they will let you know. We would rather be upfront and honest with our clients then get your hopes up unfairly.

We suggest you contact our office and schedule your free, initial consultation today.