Man Jogging

The Case

During hurricane Irma in 2017, a tree fell on our client’s home causing injuries. After an investigation, it was discovered that the tree was dead prior to the hurricane and several requests were made for it to be removed from a neighboring yard.


Our team was able to secure a $220,000 settlement for our client to help them recover.

The Incident

Running, jogging, and cycling on public roads can be dangerous. One study found that an average of 122,000 runners are struck by vehicles every year. Many of these incidents are minor, but some have the potential to cause serious injury.

Our client, a retired navy veteran, was jogging when they were struck by a vehicle. Unfortunately, our client sustained injuries that required surgery and left lasting damages. After performing an investigation and collecting the facts, our team was able to prove that the driver of the vehicle was negligent and at fault for the accident.

Before the incident, our client was a very active runner and biker. After having surgery, our client’s ability to perform these physical activities was hindered. Our team knew it was important to not only get financial compensation to cover medical expenses, but to also cover pain and suffering.

Successful Outcome for Our Client

We took on the defendant’s insurance company to make sure that our client was compensated fairly. In this case, we were able to secure a settlement of $140,000 for our client to cover more than just their medical costs.