How Working With An Attorney Can Help Your Personal Injury Claim

It is possible to file and pursue a personal injury claim on your own. The instructions for completing, filing your claim, and working with the insurance company to receive your settlement are readily available online for you to follow.

Although you can complete this process on your own, it is often in your best interest to complete it with help from a qualified personal injury attorney. This is because personal injury attorneys know how to work with insurance providers and advocate for their clients to ensure that they receive adequate compensation for their injuries.

Your attorney will know if there is more money available to you and if you are entitled to insurance coverage other than the compensation you are seeking. You might not know exactly which forms to submit or what types of claims are available to you. Your attorney will also know which providers will need to be paid back, and when and how they must be reimbursed.


In nearly all personal injury cases, the claimant is initially offered a settlement that is much lower than he or she needs to cover all of his or her expenses. If you are offered a settlement, do not accept it until you have discussed it with your attorney. He or she will be able to not only determine whether it is a fair offer, but open up negotiations with the insurance provider to help you get a larger settlement.


If the negligent party’s insurance provider sees that you are working with an attorney, it will likely be more willing to negotiate. In many cases, medical insurance providers and doctors will only negotiate with attorneys, not patients.


When you look at an insurance policy to determine what it covers, your eyes are assaulted with dense paragraphs of specialized medical and legal language. Your attorney is well-versed in this language and will be able to comb through a policy to tell you exactly what is covered. Think of him or her as an interpreter – your attorney can translate it into plain and understandable terms for you.

If you are seeking monetary compensation for your injury, it is in your best interest to work with an experienced personal injury attorney who understands the claims process and can advocate for you. Be proactive and contact our firm as soon as you can after receiving adequate medical care for your injury.

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