Don’t Have Insurance?

We have years of experience working with uninsured clients. We can obtain the appropriate medical treatment you need on a consistent basis from quality medical doctors.


We frequently get calls from uninsured individuals who have been injured in an accident and were given treatment at an emergency room immediately following the accident. They receive necessary treatment at the emergency room because the law prohibits the hospital from refusing care. However, the problem occurs at discharge—when they are given instructions to follow up with a doctor after they get home.

When patients try to follow up with a doctor outside of the emergency room, they are often denied appointments or service once a doctor discovers they don’t have insurance. Some doctors require an uninsured patient to pay, in advance, for medical services—which can amount to several hundreds of dollars per appointment.

Difficulties in receiving consistent treatment from doctors due to refused services or insufficient funds for treatment can negatively impact your case. Gaps in treatment provide insurance companies an excuse to question the true nature and cause of an injury. But we don’t let that get in our way.


We understand the cost of health insurance can be out-of-reach for some people. We have resources available to provide you with access to quality doctors and treatment on a consistent basis. We have worked with doctors for years that wait to bill us until a case has been settled. Other doctors even agree to create a lien against your file, knowing that we will pay the lien when the case is resolved.

We have also established a network of other options, including funding companies, charities, and governmental agencies. We can help you get the care and treatment you need. Call us at 678-806-7715 to learn more.